Fouad MOD WhatsApp New Update 2022 APK Latest Download

Fouad MOD WhatsApp

Fouad MOD WhatsApp New Update 2022 APK Download Where is the latest download of Fouad MOD WhatsApp, the developers of Fouad MOD WhatsApp are obsessed with giving users a better experience, they are constantly improving Fouad MOD WhatsApp and adding more interesting features to Fouad MOD WhatsApp, so the updates are frequent. The updates are frequent, sometimes once every half month, sometimes almost two months, so many users are looking for the new Fouad MOD WhatsApp update 2022 APK download.

Fouad MOD WhatsApp New Update 2022 APK Latest Download

If you want to download Fouad WhatsApp APK, you can click on the link in this blog to download and experience this great application.

Exciting features of Fouad MOD WhatsApp New Update 2022 APK Latest Download


Show last seen status

The first feature you can use in this WA mod is the last seen feature. You can already use this feature in the official Whatsapp app. However, when using the WA mod, the last seen content will continue to be displayed in your account. Your contacts will therefore not know whether you are online or not, as they will only see the last seen status.


Complete settings for privacy status

When you use the official Whatsapp app, it is almost impossible to set any settings for your privacy status. But you can do this in the modified version.

You can remove the online status display when typing, etc. By being able to remove all status displays, your privacy is fully guaranteed when using Whatsapp.


Ability to use 2 accounts at the same time

One of the great features of Fouad MOD WhatsApp is that you can run 2 Whatsapp accounts in 1 smartphone. You can already use 2 accounts in 1 smartphone with the official Whatsapp version. However, the two accounts are a personal account and a business account. If you are using the mod version of Whatsapp, then you can run 2 personal accounts at the same time.


Fouad Mod WhatsApp has thematic features

As well as offering many privacy features, this mod version of Whatsapp also offers a theme feature. With the theme feature you can also set the display to your liking. Now, the Whatsapp app on your smartphone really does look different from everyone else's.


App lock feature

The next thing that also makes Fouad MOD WhatsApp popular with many people is that it has an app locking feature. With this app locking feature, no one can open the Whatsapp app installed on your smartphone.


Send images in full resolution

View images in full resolution, which allows you to view images in full resolution by increasing and enhancing the resolution of the images.


Send more than 10 images at once

You can send more than 10 images at once, which was previously not possible using the official WhatsApp app.


Send up to 700 MB of video

You can send up to 700 MB of video to your contacts, which was previously not possible.


Built-in Fouad MOD WhatsApp locker

The built-in Fouad MOD WhatsApp locker allows you to lock your application by activating this feature.


Why Fouad MOD WhatsApp is not installed

If you are having problems installing Fouad MOD WhatsApp on your Android device, your version of the app may be out of date. If you have recently updated your Android software, you can download the latest version of the app and install it. This will ensure that you can continue to use your phone and enjoy all the features of the app. This is a simple process and will take you a little time.

First, make sure you have enabled permissions for the app. If it asks you to allow the installation of third party applications, you should grant it. If you are not sure how to do this, simply go to Settings -> Applications -> Applications and select "Unknown sources". Once you have done this you should be able to install Fouad MOD WhatsApp. You will also need to enable the unknown source setting on your phone.

Next, make sure you have approved the permissions for the Fouad MOD WhatsApp application. This will ensure that it does not ask for any sensitive data. This is a normal feature of any application. In addition to this, Fouad MOD WhatsApp allows you to use up to 3 different numbers. It's a free app, so it's worth a try. You'll soon see why it's a good idea to try it out.


Why choose Fouad MOD WhatsApp APK?

There are many reasons to choose Fouad MOD WhatsApp, but in my opinion, choosing Fouad MOD WhatsApp 2022 APK will make your communication more unique and provide you with more unique features.Whatsapp has a lot of missing features and the latest 2022 Fouad MOD WhatsApp APK covers them. The latest 2022 Fouad MOD WhatsApp APK covers these features.

Fouad MOD WhatsApp has more security and privacy features that are different from WhatsApp. Plus, it makes your chats fun and lively by applying new themes and fonts every day. Yes! Let's share it below.


How to install and login to Fouad MOD WhatsApp on your smartphone

So how do I install the Fouad MOD WhatsApp app? As it is not available on the Playstore, the installation process for this app is slightly different. Here are the steps to install the mod version of WA.

  • The first thing you need to do is to first download the Fouad MOD WhatsApp file via the link included in this article.
  • Next, make sure you have granted permission to install the application from an unknown source on your smartphone (Menu Settings > Security > Unknown Sources).
  • If this is the case, run the WA mod application file you downloaded earlier, which can be found in the Downloads folder.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Once the installation process is complete, you can log in or create an account using Fouad MOD WhatsApp by following these steps.


  • Run the WA mod application that you have installed on your smartphone.
  • After that, enter the mobile number you want to use to access Fouad MOD WhatsApp.
  • Wait for a text message containing the 6-digit number for confirmation.
  • Enter your 6-digit number from the SMS to WA mod.
  • Next, you can create a username and import all your Whatsapp contacts.
  • How to create 2 accounts on the Fouad MOD WhatsApp application

If you have successfully created an account on Fouad MOD WhatsApp, how can you run 2 Whatsapp accounts at the same time?


Here are the steps to be able to run 2 Whatsapp accounts at the same time using Fouad MOD WhatsApp.

  • Follow the previous instructions to download and install the Fouad MOD WhatsApp application.
  • Afterwards, download and install the Fouad MOD WhatsApp clone application on your smartphone.
  • You can use the cloned version to log in to your second account.
  • Once you have installed the clone app, you can automatically access both of your Whatsapp accounts at the same time.


This is all about Fouad MOD WhatsApp New Update 2022 APK Latest Download, if you are interested in Fouad MOD WhatsApp, then you can click on this page to download Fouad WhatsApp and you will love this extraordinary application.